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Catelyn { Tulsa Photographer}

Meet my daughter, Catelyn. Last weekend she asked me to take her pictures, of course I got really excited, got her dressed, and to the park we went. My sister came along to help, and the whole time in the car, Catie was chatting about how pretty she looked and how she wanted her picture taken. I couldn’t believe it, and was so excited!! We got to the park and once she got out, it was like she forgot that SHE asked me to take her pictures. She wouldn’t look at the camera, she would run away from me, and just all out didn’t want anything to do with taking pictures. The next 45 minutes to an hour were spent with me bribing and begging for her to cooperate. Finally, I told her she could pick out a new toy at the store, and bingo she cooperated..LOL.

Here she is, she is amazing and beautiful and I love her more than words can describe.